Faith - Book and Study Guide Set

Faith - Book and Study Guide Set

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In his latest book, Faith, Pastor Chuck Smith expounds upon what faith is, what faith can accomplish in the life of the believer, and how through faith you can please God. Using examples from God’s Word as well as illustrations gleaned from over sixty years in the ministry, Pastor Chuck lays a strong case for faith:

• Faith gives you victory • Faith comforts in the midst of fear • Faith makes heavy burdens light • Faith helps the soul to wait even when God delays • Faith sees God’s help is greater than any force that can come against you

The study guide is designed to assist you in applying these principles in your life. Each question can be answered by referring to the text in Faith and by reading the scriptural reference stated within this study guide.

It is highly recommended both for personal devotion and small group Bible studies relating to every aspect of a believer’s walk—at home, at work, or in ministry. It is also a great tool to use in new believer fellowships and other discipleship ministries.

Click here for a Sneak Preview of Faith

Click here for a Sneak Preview of the Faith Study Guide