Acts Commentary - Paperback

Acts Commentary - Paperback

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This is an in-depth commentary on the book of Acts written by Pastor Chuck, sharing fundamental principles concerning the church and God’s intention for the church.

Pastor Chuck shares his knowledge about the book of Acts, revealing background, history, insight, application, and wise counsel—verse-by-verse.

Through the years, we have had the privilege of seeing the phenomenal, miraculous work of the Holy Spirit in the growth of the Calvary Chapels. This growth started first with our own local fellowship, then spread to a national, then international level. It is our desire to pass along the spiritual principles we have learned along the way. Many of these have been learned the hard way, which are fundamental principles that God has blessed. They express God’s intention for the church and are to be found in this commentary study of the book of Acts.

In reality, Acts is an open-ended book. Chapters are still being written today all over the world, as Jesus continues touching and changing lives. Presently, the Holy Spirit is indwelling, empowering, guiding, and teaching those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ. Therefore, as we study the church in Acts, one thing becomes quite obvious—it was a church that was governed, directed, and led by the Holy Spirit. So let’s continue on in the Spirit.

Pastor Chuck has a uniquely beautiful way of “taking the hay out of the loft and putting it on the barn floor where the cows can eat it! And it caused me to be oh-so-deeply impressed ... with Jesus. Thus, it is with a heart of expectancy and anticipation I wholeheartedly commend this Acts commentary to you.” - Jon Courson

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