Faith: Life of the Believer Vol. 4 Study Guide Workbook

Faith: Life of the Believer Vol. 4 Study Guide Workbook

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As it is written, the just shall live by faith. Romans 1:17

As believers, our faith is constantly challenged. The attacks of the enemy are aimed at the weakening this essential part of our Christian walk - our faith in God. We need tools to fight against discouragement, temptation and sin. We must be able to preserve through difficult trials. This collection is intended to encourage and uplift, every believer, no matter what the situation. 
Are you living by faith? Could you believe like Abraham and leave everything to follow God? These messages will help you evaluate your own faith so that you can increase and strengthen it, for it is through faith that God is revealed.
24 Pages

Designed to be used with the Faith: Life of the Believer Vol. 4 CD PACK, 9781932941098
The Life of The Believer Series
This Collection is specifically designed to encourage and strengthen the believer in various aspects of the Christian life. Excellent for new believers seeking to build a solid foundation or for more mature believers desiring to remind themselves of essential truth.