Pleasing God Journal

Pleasing God Journal

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Beloved woman of God,

Are you ready to begin living the life you were created to live?

If you’ve been a “yo-yo” Christian, living an inconsistent life in which a day of victory is followed by a month of defeat, this study journal—the companion to Kay Smith’s Pleasing God—is for you. If you’re a Christian who has realized how short this life is and how empty your self-focused pursuits are, this journal is for you.

In the pages of this book, you will find the encouragement you long for, the exhortation you need, and the practical steps necessary to walk in a manner pleasing to God. Learn how to render your flesh dead and yield to the power of the Holy Spirit within you. Learn how to turn the smallest of tasks into a gift of worship and gratitude. And begin to live a fragrant, blessed, and meaningful life—a life that pleases God.

This is a companion journal to Pleasing God book.