Israel A Special Treasure - MP3

Israel A Special Treasure - MP3

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This series details the richness of the Hebrew culture and homeland: from their feasts to their covenants with God. Contains 10 Biblical studies by Pastor Chuck Smith, Chuck Missler, Brian Brodersen, Dave Hunt, and David Hocking.

Turquoise skies, rocky hilltops and fertile valleys…from Jacob's well to Joseph's tomb, Israel is the land of promise, the land of God's covenant. It is the land of Abraham, Isaac, and David. It is the land where prophets chastised kings and where foreign armies trembled when they heard the name Jehovah.

Messages include: Standing Outside the Holy Land The Tabernacle: A Model of Heaven The Temple of the Lord A People of Destiny The Importance of the Temple mount God's Covenant with Israel The History of Israel The Lord's Feast & Redemptive History Israel, Islam & World Peace The Truth About Jerusalem