My Redeemer Lives MP3
My Redeemer Lives MP3

My Redeemer Lives MP3

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My Redeemer Lives - MP3: An inspiring and reassuring collection of 14 Bible studies on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ taught by Pastor Chuck Smith, also including a look at the fulfillment of prophetic Scriptures, proof of the resurrection, Jesus' prayer of submission, and more.

Also included is an in-depth study of the crucifixion from Dr. Mark Eastman, a medical doctor's perspective, as well as a powerful salvation message by Pastor Chuck.

Messages include:
The Cross
Many Infallible Proofs
Because He Lives
The Problem Defined
Forsaken By God
Lord, Remember me
The Agony of Love
The King of the Jews
A Living Hope
The Resurrection of Jesus
Burning Hearts
He Conquered Death
How are the Dead Raised
Decision Time