The Ministry And The Church Vol. 1-4 Flashdrive

The Ministry And The Church Vol. 1-4 Flashdrive

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Pastor Chuck Smith intimately teaches those called to further the ministry of God’s Word. The studies included in this series will enhance pastors or ministry leaders to follow the process of discipleship that Jesus used with his own disciples, enabling a balance of solid Bible teaching, as well as a Spirit-filled ministry. This entire series was recorded live at the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry in Costa Mesa, California. Pastor Chuck used the book of Acts as a "semi outline" to enlarge upon the calling of ministry, citing the challenges facing the early leaders, as well as the continuation of the same challenges church leaders face today. He informally weaves in his own experiences in ministry over the years to further illustrate the, who-what-where-how-and-whys of church development and practice. In this series you will also see the "heart of the man" as there are no prepared notes or preset topical items; just a thoughtful and introspective discourse of being a pastor. A "must have" for anyone considering entering ministry.

Topics discussed:

Session 1: Measurement of a Successful Church

Session 2: Lessons from the Early Church

Session 3: The Beginning Stages of the Church

Session 4: Living in the Hope of His Return

Session 5: His Witnesses

Session 6: Determining the Will of the Lord

Session 7: The Heart of the Message

Session 8: Doctrine, Fellowship, & Breaking of Bread

Session 9: Prayer

Session 10: Outlets of Spiritual Power

Session 11: Keeping It Simple

Session 12: The Man God Uses

Session 13: Filled with the Holy Spirit

Session 14: What Does God Want Today

Session 15: Problems From Within the Church

Session 16: Faithfulness in What God Has Called You To Do

Session 17: All Things Working Together For Good

Session 18: Following Gods Leading

Session 19: Step-By-Step

Session 20: The Value of Waiting on the Lord

Session 21: Remember, Youre Still Just a Man

Session 22: Purpose in Your Heart, and Stick with It

Session 23: The Early Church Success

Session 24: Reaching the World with the Gospel

Session 25: Bearing Witness of Gods Truth

Session 26: Choosing Church Elders and Practice

Session 27: Applying Wisdom and Flexibility

Session 28: How the Spirit Directs

Session 29: Our Response in the Face of Opposition

Session 30: Establishing Solid Believers

Session 31: Communicating and Teaching Gods Attributes

Session 32: Gods Direction for Your Ministry

Session 33: Presenting and Teaching the Kingdom of God

Session 34: Riots that Spring up because of Ministry

Session 35: Commendable Suffering

Session 36: Declare the Whole Counsel of God

Session 37: The Direct and Permissive Will of God

Session 38: Live Peaceably With All Men

Session 39: Dont Be Foolhardy

Session 40: Relying on the Holy Spirit to Speak Through You

Session 41: The Best Witnessing Tool: Your Personal Testimony

Session 42: The Lord Directs the Storm

Session 43: The Fickleness of Man

Session 44: Rebellion Against God is Unreasonable

Session 45: Leave it to the Lord

Session 46: Take a Personal Inventory


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