Defending the Faith - CD Pack

Defending the Faith - CD Pack

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Join Pastor Chuck Smith and guest speakers as they teach a series of apologetic studies, including End Times Deception, Cults and Missions, Grand Deficiency of all Evolutionary Theory and more.

Christianity is constantly under assault from different world views, cults, and false teachings. This series is designed to equip believers with helpful information they can use in defending the Christian faith and demonstrating how its foundation is built on solid, reasonable evidence.

Studies include: World Views by Justin Alfred Historicity and Deity of Christ by Dr. Mark Eastman Jehovah’s Witness Fallacy by Chuck Smith End Times Deception by Roger Oakland Cults and Missions by Paul Carden Mormon Doctrine by Ed Decker The More Sure Word by Chuck Smith Cosmos and the Creator by Dr. Mark Eastman Grand Deficiency of all Evolutionary Theory by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith Occultic Revolution by Chuck Smith The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice by Dave Hunt And Israel, Islam, and World Peace by Dave Hunt