Let Us Reason - Paperback

Let Us Reason - Paperback

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Insights on Creation, Suffering, and Evil

A compilation of three bestsellers:

Does He Who Think Have to Believe? Is This a God of Love? Why Does God Allow it?

Does He Who Think Have to Believe? A hypothetical story about a society of “primitive” Neanderthal people discovered by a modern rescue team. The rescuers are amazed to find that the natives have quite reasonably come to the conclusion that there is a Creator God.

Is This a God of Love? Many today stumble at the seeming conflict between the truth that God is Love, and the obvious suffering we see in the world around us. This is primarily written to the unbeliever who wants to believe, but lacks a good perspective of the world in which we live.

Why Does God Allow it? If there is a God — why does He permit violence and suffering in the world? Sensible answers to questions that have plagued people since the beginning of time.

Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith The late world-renowned scientist and brilliant mind studied Natural Sciences at Oxford and Reading University, England. Professor Wilder-Smith has authored and co-authored over seventy scientific publications and more than thirty books translated into seventeen different languages.

240 pgs

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