Person & Gifts Of Holy Spirit MP3 With Study

Person & Gifts Of Holy Spirit MP3 With Study

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2 Volume Set. 31 Messages in MP3 Audio Format.

This 2 volume set was taken from an in-depth study on the Holy Spirit by Pastor Chuck. These MP3 CD's are great for anyone who wants to learn what the Bible teaches about the Third Person of the Trinity. The Person of the Holy Spirit explains who the Holy Spirit is and how He works.

Subjects include;                                                                                                               The Person of the Holy Spirit; The Third Person of the Trinity; The Works of the Holy Spirit in the World; Holy Spirit-The Restrainer of Evil; The Baptism of the Holy Spirit; and The Holy Spirit in the Believer. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, covers such subjects as miracles, healing, prophecy, faith, and speaking in tongues.

Pastor Chuck not only explains that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are available to the Church today, but he also encourages believers to fully understand the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Also included with this set is a study guide on the Holy Spirit in .pdf format.