Why Grace Changes Everything - Spanish

Why Grace Changes Everything - Spanish

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Have you ever thought about the simple phrase, “God loves you”? This just might be the most important truth you could ever grasp: … that God has called you into a loving relationship with Himself. Unfortunately, many of us have been brought up to think that we need to earn God’s love.

In Chuck Smith’s book Why Grace Changes Everything, Pastor Chuck imparts years of wisdom from his own experiences … how he thought he had to work hard and deny his own desires for God to love him. But when he unlocked the secret to God’s grace, this changed everything he ever thought about God.

With the passion of a man whose own life has been transformed by this gift, Pastor Chuck clearly explains:

We are not bound to God by a huge list of do's and don'ts. Our mistakes will never alienate us from God. Our relationship with God does not depend on our efforts, but on His unchanging and loving character. Our only response is to receive this gift of grace by faith.