Work of the Spirit - Workbook

Work of the Spirit - Workbook

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Do you desire to be a greater witness for Jesus? Do you at times feel spiritually powerless and anemic? Then the book of Acts is exactly what you need! Imagine the plight of those early disciples—they were equipped with the amazing Gospel of Jesus Christ, yet the world around them was hostile, paganized, and utterly degenerate. As a small band of seemingly insignificant Jews, how would they possibly proclaim this glorious news to the world?

Like all of us, the disciples needed the empowering of the Holy Spirit. Luke, the author of the book of Acts, recorded the plight of the disciples before the Holy Spirit’s anointing and the thrilling activity that followed this anointing. As you study the book of Acts, keep in mind that God wants to do thrilling things in your life through the agency of His Spirit in you.

This workbook includes 22 lessons to be used along with the Work of the Spirit DVD w/MP3 set. Click here for DVD/MP3 Set